Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Hobans1923 Ltd accepts booking from customers for travel subject to the following Terms & Conditions of Carriage.

  1. All booking made are subject to the discretion of Hobans1923 Ltd.
  2. No alcohol or food is allowed to be consumed on any Hobans1923 Ltd vehicles under any circumstances
  3. All coaches are ‘Non Smoking’ including the use of electronic smoking devices.
  4. Where seatbelts are fitted passengers are now required by law to wear these at all times whilst travelling on the vehicle except for emergencies. Visiting the W.C. is recognized as an emergency. It is the responsibility of each individual passenger (or the responsible accompanying adult in the case of children under 14) to ensure they comply with this Law and not that of the driver.
  5. Any passenger moving around the coach whilst it is in motion does so at their own risk.
  6. Child car seats for infants/children are not suitable to be use on or fastened to a coach seat and therefore will not be carried inside the coach, unless it is to ISOFIX standard and have been pre-booked. Booster seats are acceptable but must be provided by the responsible adult supervising the infant/child.
  7. Whenever possible ‘Air Conditioned’ coaches are utilized subject to availability but cannot be guaranteed.
  8. At the time of high demand and in the event of an emergency we reserve the right to sub- contract vehicles of a similar quality from other UK operators.
  9. Passenger should report to their designated departure point 15 minutes prior to the departure time stated on their travel ticket. Coaches will not longer then 15 minutes after the departure time started on the ticket for late arriving passengers, subject to the discretion of Hobans 1923 Ltd.
  10. Hobans 1923 Ltd cannot guarantee to accommodate groups of passengers who wish to join at separate departure points but travel on the same coach.
  11. Spare time has been allowed in the operating schedules to ensure safe arrival at the airport in time for departures in the event of a majority of delays that we can reasonably be expected to encounter. However, there may be insufficient spare time in the event of weather conditions or other acts of god, road traffic accidents, unforeseen vehicle issues, road closure or diversion en route. Therefore Hobans 1923 Ltd cannot be held responsible for any such delays.
  12. All luggage and other personal belongings are carried at the owners risk and whilst Hobans 1923 Ltd accepts responsibility for the unloading of luggage from the luggage holds (not accessible from the interior of the coach), hand baggage or other personal possessions left inside the coach will be the passengers own responsibility.
  13. Hobans 1923 Ltd reserve the right to refuse to carry items deemed by the driver to be in excess of this weight or they may ask you for assistance or for you to handle your own luggage in and out of the luggage holds.
  14. It is the passengers own responsibility to ensure that they correctly identify their luggage, particularly prior to joining the coach for the homeward (return) journey from the airport and when leaving the coach at your destination. Any costs required or incurred by Hobans 1923 Ltd to return luggage to their correct owners or to retrieve luggage left at either the airport or any departure or return point in error will be entirely at the passengers own expense.
  15. Any loss of luggage should be reported at the time of such loss to the driver. Hobans 1923 Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any such loss to damage unless it is caused by the proven negligence of the company.
  16. Hobans 1923 Ltd acknowledges that travelling bags are designed to protect their contents. In the course of normal handling your baggage may show evidence of wear and tear. Hobans 1923 Ltd takes neither responsibility for minor cuts, scratches and dents nor items that protrude from travelling bags, such as retractable handles, wheels, straps and luggage carts.
  17. Hobans 1923 Ltd welcomes passengers with disabilities. However we do need to be made aware of any disability at the time of the booking. The company kindly advise that whilst the driver may give assistance to a passenger with a disability this does not extend to the actual physical handling of the passenger concerned.
  18. Certain items are not permitted to be carried inside the coach. These are child car seats (see above), walking frames or wheelchairs (except in coaches adapted for this purpose), electric scooters and oxygen cylinders. These items may be carried at the discretion of the company in the luggage hold of the coach provided the company is notified of the requirement at the time of the booking or within 21 days of departure date.


If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions please contact our HR Team at: info@hobans.co.uk